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Contact: Marcelle Comeau (902) 645-2120
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The Rendez-vous de la Baie is very pleased to announce that the www.claretownship.ca is the sponsor of the month for September 2014. Their generous contribution provides everyone with free access to the Acadian Interpretive Centre museum halls.

We are very pleased to sponsor admission to the ‘Acadian Interpretive Centre’ for the month of September, 2014. The Centre is a great introduction to the history of Baie-Sainte-Marie (Clare) and pays tribute to the fortitude and ingenuity of the first settlers to arrive on its shores in 1768. The Centre also beautifully showcases the arts and culture which have evolved at Baie-Sainte-Marie since those early days.

I feel my generation is the bridge between the old and the new; by that I mean we are the last generation in Clare to have experienced a way of life that has all but disappeared. So, we decided to build a website which would focus on, and capture, the history of Clare for genealogists and researchers in particular but also for anyone interested in the history of our beautiful Baie-Sainte-Marie and its inhabitants. In Phase One we took on the development of a fully searchable grave-marker database of all the cemeteries in Clare, as well as a history of the churches and parishes at Baie-Sainte-Marie. Phase two, in the planning and research stage, will focus on the founding families of Baie-Sainte-Marie. Because we plan to keep adding material to our website, check us out periodically at http://claretownship.ca/

Marcelle Comeau
John Berkey

Access to the Acadian Interpretive Centre (Museum) at Rendez-vous de la Baie is now free of charge. New since 2012, the admission fees have been replaced by a Donation box, as well as a new Corporate Sponsorship Program.

For more information on the Corporate Sponsorship Program, please view the PDF.