New Corporate Sponsorship Program!

Access to the Acadian Interpretive Centre (Museum) at Rendez-vous de la Baie is now free of charge. All new for 2012, the admission fees have been replaced by a Donation box, as well as a new Corporate Sponsorship Program.

The Rendez-vous de la Baie is very pleased to announce that the Conseil des Arts de la Baie is the first sponsor of the month, for April 2012. Their generous contribution provides everyone with free access to the Acadian Interpretive Centre museum halls.

Le Conseil des Arts de la Baie (CAB) is a non-profit association with a mandate of developing and promoting the arts in the Baie Sainte-Marie (Clare). The CAB, in collaboration with La Manivelle and Le Trécarré, supports all of the various disciplines relating to the arts, including exhibitions, exchanges, workshops, conferences and artists in residence. The Manivelle is an artist-run printmaking studio committed to education, collaboration and innovation. Every year, La Manivelle, in collaboration with CAB, coordinates various workshops, exhibitions, and an artist in residence/exchange program. La Galerie Détraqué is a showcase gallery located in the entryway of La Manivelle printshop. This mini-gallery consists of three 3’x6′ viewing cabinets for exhibiting six contemporary printmaking exhibitions each year for both members of La Manivelle and invited artists. Le Trécarré art gallery showcases various contemporary art exhibitions throughout the year.
Contact: Diane Besner 769-2114 ext 262
Email: cab[at]

To download more information (PDF) on the Corporate Sponsorship Program, please click on the image below.

Corporate Sponsorship Program PDF