Activities Art de la Baie 2014

2014 Program

Wednesdays, 10 am – 3 pm, Rendez-vous de la Baie Visitor Centre.

Local artists will share their individual talents and encourage visitors to engage in the art medium. These free artist showcases will be held from late June to mid-Sept. Material included.

Contact 902-769-2345 for information and to register.

Valerie Nadon : June 25th

Valerie Nadon is a talented performance artist as well as visual artist. For her Art de la Baie Session, she will be working with photographs that she has collected from the community. With these found photos she will build a collage – mural, following various themes revealed in the collection. Participate in the evolution of this mega-photo montage.

Angel Flanagan : July 2nd


Angel Flanagan is a photographer, writer and beach glass sculptor.

You can explore her work at her website .

During her Art de la Baie session, Angel will be wire wrapping on site. She will have her beach glass and copper wire work on display as well as some photography. There will be rare colours of beach glass (red turquoise, yellow, even uranium glass) for people to see and touch.

Angel: butterfly

Jay LeBlanc : July 9th

Jay LeBlanc

Jay LeBlanc has been in love with photography for many years. Her creative endeavors also include painting, printmaking, stained glass, and clay. The art of building and photographing montages is what she will explorewith us during our Art de La Baie session.

Jay and willing participants will play with the ‘composing’ of elements to create montages to be photographed (photo composition implies aligning elements in the viewfinder to create the image as opposed to creating something to be photographed). Participants are encouraged to bring their own camera – props and materials will be on hand to arrange and to photograph.

Jay will have her camera on hand for those who do not have cameras and will e-mail one photo of the participant’s composition if they are without a camera, if they would wish her to do so. The activity will be somewhat flexible in locations indoors and outdoors, nearby the Rendez -Vous de la Baie, depending on the weather.

JayLeBlanc: "Play"

Denise Robicheau : July 16th

Denise Robicheau

Denise Robicheau is an artist of many talents which include sculpture, pottery, photography and music. She has a lovely shop in Grosses Coques where she sells her clay and photography. She has also done workshops at her shop and in the local schools..

For her Art de la Baie session, Denise will be working with clay. She will be bringing some self drying clay and demonstrating different techniques, how to use the medium and a few ideas. Everyone can create their own unique piece.

Denise Robicheau: clay work

Dorothy Thibodeau : July 23rd


Dorothy is an established local artist working in acrylics and pastels. Her work reflects her love of the landscape and her love of animals.

You can find her at her home studio in Church Point, or at the Farmers Market in Belliveau Cove every Saturday morning throughout the summer.

For her Art de la Baie session, Dorothy will be working with pastels. For those interested she will have some paper, pastels and guidance to help you create your own pastel piece.


Serge Vinet : July 30th

Serge Vinet

Serge Vinet is an expert on antique furniture and artifacts. He also restores the pieces he finds and returns them to their vintage beauty. During his Art de la Baie Session, Serge will bring in some of his restored works, and he will be caning the seat of an antique rocking chair. Come watch this rarely seen process and see how something old is made new again.

Thomas Saulnier : August 6th

Thomas Saulnier

Thomas will be continuing the artisanal handwork as he brings us basket weaving for his Art de la Baie session. Tomas was exposed to basket work at a young age. His mother bought baskets from local Mi’k maq weavers that would travel through the area when Tomas was a child. He is very dedicated to this ancient practice and his work shows his dedication and reverance for this tradition.

Tomas Saulnier: baskets

Dianne Surette : August 13th

Dianne Surette

Dianne Surette’s colourful acrylic canvases celebrate her heritage and homeland. Bold and bright, her work exudes a joie de vivre and captures the vitality of where she’s from.

For her Art de la Baie session, Dianne will bring some of her finished canvases and will be working on a new acrylic painting throughout the day.

Dianne Surette: "Saturday Afternoon"

Claude Chaloux : August 20th

Claude Chaloux

Claude Chaloux is an evocative artist – using clay and painting techniques to reveal archetypal form and ancient stories. He has lived and worked à la Baie for many years, but the work he creates is timeless.

For Art de la Baie, Claude will do a workshop that will stretch over two sessions: August 20 and September 10, 2014.

In the August 20 session, participants (6 maximum) will each make two vessels, using either “pinch pot” or coil construction techniques.

Length of session: 2 to 3 hours

Claude Chaloux: bird bowls

Joceleyne Comeau : August 27

Jocelyne Comeau

Jocelyne has been practicing her art for many years. “Bricoleuse” by nature, she adjusts the many mediums to create. She has participated in many courses and workshops in a variety of genres: watercolour, acrylic, printmaking, collage, montage, bricolage, basket making, jewellery, writing, paper making and sewing. As a starting point, she uses her very active and vivid imagination to respond to the whimsicality of her creative soul. She has worked in the field of community development since graduating from Université Sainte-Anne in Community Development and Social Animation.

Jocelyne will be doing printmaking and collage with found objects, plants and seaweed and other items or forms. Participants can use words or poems from various sources, such as magazines and newspapers, and incorporate them in the works to create a very distinctive piece of art. We will be crafting mono-prints and collage prints using non-toxic inks and paints on paper.

Jocelyne Comeau: étampe

Nora Robicheau : September 3rd

Nora Robicheau: self portrait

The colour continues to stand out as we move onto our first artist of September. Nora Robicheau creates watercolour pieces that dance and sing. Her work is largely based on local landscapes, but each of them holds a story that is both personal and shared.

Nora will be working on a new piece during her Art de la Baie session, but she will also bring previous work to showcase.

Claude Chaloux : September 10th

Claude Chaloux

In this session, the pots created in the last session will have been fired. Participants will apply a copper sulphate / borax glaze and perform a second, primitive firing using charcoal briquettes. The firing will take place either behind le Rendez-vous de la Baie, or on the pebble stone beach behind the University.

Participants should bring rubber gloves, eye protection, and an apron.

Length of session: approximately 3 hours.